We are a full service Real Estate company working for you in all "The Costalegre area". 

Having served satisfied customers since 2000, we are qualified and experienced in all aspects of safely purchasing, designing, building, owning and maintaining residential and commercial properties throughout Mexico, and in particular Barra De Navidad.

Owning property in Mexico is safe and easy. We can find the perfect property for you.


If your considering buying, selling or renting property in Barra de Navidad, please feel free to contact us to discuss the latest opportunities with no obligations.

Our office is located in downtown Barra at 55 Veracruz, next to the Centro de Salud.

Visit our Fishing paradise on the Costalegre and see for yourself. Fantastic sunsets and food await you.


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Barratown Office

 Contact us in Barra de Navidad:
from USA or Cad.(01152) 315 355 5748
                                 in Mexico:01 
315 355 5748
  Cell: from USA or Cad (011521) 315 109 0340
                             in Mexico (045) 315 109 0340
                                         or (045) 613 104 2727